Discover Your Values


In this 90-minute session, broken into 1 x 60-minute call and a follow up 30-minute call, you will learn about what makes you tick. Values are the things against which you measure your choices, whether consciously or not. You use them to rationalise your behaviour to yourself and others, and they determine your level of satisfaction with your choices, even if decisions are not freely made but constrained by other factors. 

When we clarify our values, we learn more about what makes us tick, what’s important to us and what’s not. Honouring our values is inherently fulfilling even when it is hard and you may find there are times when you must suffer discomfort to live according to your values. When we compromise our values we start to live a life disconnected from our own truth, causing stress, demotivation, unhappiness and depletion of self. Become CLEAR of who you are, before trying out how to get there.

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