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“Change is a process, not an event” James Prochaska

Did you know there are 6 stages and taking action is only 1 of them? When I begin to work with a new client, I find that they know what they don’t want but are vague on what they do, this is the Pre-contemplation phase. Once we start coaching, they move into stage 2, Contemplation phase, they are clearer on their goal and are now thinking about change, but unsure of the “how” yet. Stage 3 is Preparation phase, readiness to change, asking powerful reflective questions, the answers of which dictate their next step. 

Once a good level of readiness is achieved can they move into step 4, Action, where goals are set and achieved, the timeline is unique for everyone. This then brings us to step 5 Maintenance of the goal, including relapses and starting again. The client’s response to both is key to a successful outcome, and here is where the coach can really be an ally, by holding them accountable. Once the client is in flow, can we finally step 6, Adoption, the new behaviour has now been fully adopted without much effort or thought. 

Where are you on the stages to change?

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