12 Month Package


12 x 1 hour coaching sessions
Email/WhatsApp support in between sessions

Coaching is a TRANSFORMATION tool and by partnering with me as your Coach, I will facilitate this process of transformation. With this package, we commit to work together once a month over the course of 12 months. In that time, you will have the opportunity to learn more about how you approach goals, overcome resistance and be held accountable for completing actions. We work together, future focused, but using the past as an awareness tool to learn, to evolve and to shift. I will help you to become aware of what you do want by helping you become more clear on your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions and your energy and most importantly what is blocking you Often change takes time, and together we will work through the blocks which show up as fear, limiting beliefs and low self-esteem.  Remember if nothing changes, nothing changes. So I got you. 

By committing to a coaching alliance once a month we establish goals, examine resistance, pivot for life’s challenges and by checking in regularly we work together to align your energy to your goals to allow for success and abundance to flow.

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