What do you see when you look in the mirror?

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I recently had a 3 hour personal branding photo-shoot for my new website launching next month. If you knew me personally then you will know that it took me years to look myself in the mirror or to like any photos of myself, so you can imagine what a photo-shoot triggered in my mind. Sometimes people don’t realise the stories we are playing inside our head

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I wish I looked different”
  • “Why did you let yourself go”
  • “Why do you have to look like that”

We can be so cruel to ourselves. Recently in my coaching practice I worked with a beautiful 19 year old girl who finds it hard to see or believe how beautiful she is. Why? Because a few years back someone made a negative comment about her looks AFTER another person made a positive one.


Why is it we latch to the negative comment and put our belief there?

Often our self-doubt and insecurity is projected onto us by cruel people who are hurting inside. Why do we allow their distorted unhealed reactions become our truth? Why do we give our power away so easily?


Start by listing all the things you like about yourself; your simile, your eyes, your hair or whatever it is, just really focus on that. When you look in the mirror, see that feature and be grateful for it.

Loving yourself is not an egotistical thing. Loving yourself is actually quietening the ego to allow your heart to rule and to accept yourself completely.

Love Yourself More

Today my story is this “I’m grateful for my big blue eyes, having inherited my mother’s skin, my healthy hair and my smile. I radiate a beautiful energy everywhere I go”

What’s your new story when you look in the mirror or see a photo of yourself?


Be Kind to Yourself