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Wellness Tips for Working at Home

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Create a regular routine to make it feel like you are still going to work. A home office should feel like a real office and getting dressed makes it feel that way. Shower and dress every day.



Create a separate workspace at home to make it easier to switch off from work at the end of the day. The kitchen table is not an advisable workspace, however in these unexpected times, do what you can, just have clear separation and quiet time.



Decide your work hours in advance and be disciplined. Plan regular breaks. When we work from home we can have less distraction and spend endless hours staring at the screen. Decide your switch off time & commit to it.



Just because you are working from home, it doesn’t mean you are available all the time for everyone. Try avoid unnecessary distractions. This is a new habit so teething problems will occur. Go day by day until you get it right.


Stay Connected

Set up groups to stay in contact with your colleagues and friends. Have weekly video calls with your team. Avoid feeling isolated. Take the lead in this action!



The guidelines say that while we are social distancing it is still OK to get out for a walk, being mindul of the 2m distance between you and other people. So get out in the fresh air or particpate in an online yoga class, walk up and down your stairs, do stretches. Keep moving and remember to hydrate.


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