The Magic Formula

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Is it me or does today feel like the 48th of January?! I am so ready to leave the January blues behind and start taking giant leaps towards spring.  I love spring, when I think of this time of year I think ‘yellow’, probably because to me it means the first sighting of daffodils, the brighter sunnier evenings, the birds singing and the humming sound of lawnmowers around the neighbourhood. As I sit here ready to spring forward into my favourite season (excuse the pun), I find myself taking an  inventory on my own wellbeing. With nearly 4 weeks of the New Year behind me, I ask myself, what has been working well, what can I do more of, what can I do less of and what do I need to stop, I guess you could call it a personal spring clean.

You see, I started 2020 with the strong intention that this year was going to be the BEST yet. Deep within me I have developed a strong sense of knowing what my Well Life Vision looks and feels like. I can see it in my mind’s eye and I can feel it as if I am already living it. So how do I get it? Well, what if I told you there is a Magic Formula, yes, that’s right, a formula that brings goals, dreams and desires to us, one where we move out of a struggle mind-set and move into a receptive mind-set. I know what you are thinking… I must be nuts or maybe a witch, right? Well I am neither, I am just someone who has developed a deep unwavering commitment to my personal happiness and a determination to live a fulfilled life from the inside out.

A Well Life Vision defines your desired future state that supports a feeling of optimal wellness; what would you look like, what would you feel like, what and who would you be surrounded with. Your vision helps define your goals and give you a framework to evaluate those goals.

So before I get into the magic part, let’s get back to my inventory. What is different about me this year? Well, I started by saying “ENOUGH”! Enough to feeling sad and disappointed about what I haven’t manifested yet. Enough of looking at other people’s lives, thinking they must be happier than me, when the truth is I don’t know anything about their inward world. Enough of putting others’ needs before my own and finally ENOUGH of not being my BEST authentic self. Basically I got tired of the BS that is my low self-esteem, my limiting beliefs and my lack of self-worth. Entering 2020 with determination has meant this is going to be a year of T R A N S FO R M A T I ON.

I started by saying ENOUGH’

In late December I laid the foundation of my Well Life Vision. I started by looking back on the challenges I have overcome, asking myself what I have learned about my boundaries, my thoughts, beliefs and expectations. I became CLEAR on what I wanted to create MORE of in my life; abundance, house, success, health, travel, and family. Out of this came positive statements of desire (thoughts) to match my vision. In Law of Attraction we call this the Contrast|Clarity exercise, and in order to manifest those desires, I needed to become clearer on my thoughts, my beliefs, and something I had never considered before, my ENERGY.

When I speak of energy, I don’t mean physical energy, I mean vibrational energy. Have I lost you? OK so let me explain what vibrational energy is…

  • Have you ever walked into a room and got a shiver or felt uncomfortable and want to leave?
  • Have you ever met someone for the first time and without speaking, you take an instant dislike to them or feel yourself really drawn to them?
  • As a child, did you ever walk into the sitting room to find your parents sitting in silence, watching TV and you know without a doubt and argument has taken place?
  • Have you ever used expressions such as “sending you good vibes” or “you could cut the tension with a knife” or “she has a beautiful energy/aura”?

Well, if you answered YES to one or more, then you have experienced vibrational energy or what I call emotional energy. All emotions are energy, and energy has a vibrational frequency, and that is how we feel or sense a “vibe”. So the questions I find myself repeatedly asking is ‘what energy am I emitting? and ‘does it align with my vision?’

If you have been following my work for a while, it won’t be news to you that I believe our thoughts create our experiences. We can have a whole array of thoughts, from positive to negative but what happens then? Well we can either really, really, really believe a good feeling thought or we can really, really, really, believe a bad feeling thought. Our beliefs are just thoughts we keep on thinking but they create emotions which in turn creates energy.  It can take time and practice to examine our thoughts, it can be done through a series of things; meditation, reflective journaling, coaching, NLP or simply asking yourself what your beliefs are.

Thoughts + Belief + Energy = Desire

To successfully apply the formula, you have to CHOOSE a thought that matches your desire, you have to BELIEVE that thought and you have EMIT a vibrational energy that aligns with your desire. Have I lost you? Well, let’s break this down, say for example you want a new job:

Scenario 1:

THOUGHT = ‘I hate my job and I desperately need to get out of here’

BELIEF = ‘It’s impossible to find a job doing what I really want and get paid for it’


In this scenario, the thought and belief are creating a negative energy. The desire is to get a new job, you want it, you know what you don’t in a job from the contrast you are experiencing, but you are limiting yourself because the belief that you hold. Emotions are ENERGY in motion, if we are emitting an energy of FEAR then we attract more of that into our lives. Not only does the belief cancel the desire, it creates a feeling of fear and that is the energy we vibrate from. So let’s try a more positive approach…

Scenario 2:

THOUGHT = ‘I am ready and excited to create new opportunities in my career’

BELIEF = ‘I need a PHD to get a good job’


In scenario 2, it’s a great start by choosing a positive and affirming word such as “excited”, the Universe’s ears perk up, only to slouch back down again with a limiting belief such as I need a PHD to get a good job. I hear these type of limiting beliefs all the time with my coaching clients, they are clear on what they want and completely unaware that they have no belief in getting it. Now let’s try use the formula to create the experience…

Scenario 3:

THOUGHT = ‘I am open, ready and excited to create new opportunities in my career’

BELIEF = ‘The right job will come to me at the right time. It always does’


In order to create more of what we desire in our life we need to choose good feeling thoughts and self-affirming beliefs. It is those thoughts and beliefs that create emotions that trigger the manifestation process. This doesn’t mean that we have to go through life super happy and afraid to feel different emotions, but by becoming aware of our thoughts, we logically start asking ourselves “is feeling this way going to bring me closer or further away from my vision?” So is this magic? well no, not really, its less magical and more about developing a deeper sense of self love.

Where does that leave my inventory… 2020 has got off to a strong start, but I know that this is a lifetime commitment that I have chosen to make, and with that comes the contrast and comes the choices and comes the magic. It’s all there for the taking, I just have to keep moving toward it, day by day, thought by thought, belieft by belief and energy by energy.