Getting Out Of Your Own Way

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Henry Ford was on to something when he said “Whether You Think You Can, or Think You Can’t … You’re Right”. Our successes and our failures all start with the thoughts we CHOOSE to think. Call it mindset, positive thinking or just pure determination, we either allow ourselves to succeed or we don’t, it really is that simple.

So, why is it that we over complicate it? In simplified terms, change is something we want when we are experiencing something we don’t want. Desiring change in our relationships, our finances, our health, our jobs or where we live, is something that we all experience from time to time, yet few of us have discovered a successful strategy to navigate through it with ease.

I work with people every day around making lifestyle changes, and what I have noticed is that there are 6 steps to successfully achieving our goals






Quite often people can get stuck somewhere between step 2 and step 3 or step 3 and step 4. This is where limiting beliefs show up, a resistance to change from a fear of failure or striving for perfection. Sometimes people get to step 4, move to step 5 and then drop out of the process. Why? Well there is no one answer for all, because how you manage change is how you manage yourself. It is personal to you and comparing yourself and your journey to others just wastes valuable time you could use to invest in achieving your goals.


The way I see it is this, we can do it with clarity, understanding and self compassion or we can do it blindly, harshly and with little or no self-awareness. Both strategies can get you to your end goal, especially if you’re stubborn. However, the first strategy gives you something you may never have had before…. an opportunity to get to know and understand YOU! By understanding how you approach and manage yourself in the process, you begin to adapt your mindset and inevitably your behaviours.

“how you manage change is how you manage yourself”

I bet every one of you can tell me about a time when you were off track with your goals, your values and your life vision, maybe you are experiencing that now? How does it make you feel? Stuck, demotivated, unsure, fearful and / or stressed?. What if I asked you how you long you felt that way and how motivated are you to change?  If you are anything like how I was… the answer would be “too long” and “I’m not” and that is perfectly normal, that just means you haven’t discovered your successfully strategy yet.

This is why I have created my 12 Week Coaching Program a Better You Today. The program has been designed to support YOU on making positive & long term changes to your lifestyle.

Did you ever consider the question “What does  wellness mean to me?”  The answer varies from  person to person, and that is why this program is so unique, as it is about partnering with YOU to create your very own personal Well Life Vision.

Research shows that the key elements to living a healthy life are:

Good sleeping habits

Regular exercise

Healthy & balanced diet

Managing stress

Connectedness with self and others

How would you rate yourself out of 10 in each of these areas? Would you like to move from a 5 to a 7?  a 7 to a 10? or maybe a 1 to a 3? We all need to start somewhere and this is where a Wellness Coach comes in.

Now more than ever, we are beginning to realise the poor choices we make, leading to more stress, weight gain, fatigue, demotivation or a general sense of feeling lost. The past 3 months gave many of us the clarity we needed to figure out what is working in our routines and what isn’t. Well NOW is the time to build on that knowledge and GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!


In this 12 week program we establish your current behaviour patterns, why you choose these behaviours, what works and what doesn’t. We define clear goals and time-lines and create an action plan to challenge the old and welcome the new.  This program has been particularly helpful to clients who have recently received a medical diagnosis ,or have been advised to make changes to their lifestyle i.e. reduce stress, quit smoking, start an exercise plan but it can be adapted to any lifestyle you want to make. Today I had someone sign up to get support around putting boundaries in place! We can work on that for sure!

When working with me, you will get support, a deeper understanding of yourself, an accountability partner and RESULTS!

Some recent Client Testimonials:


Gillian was a fantastic coach. She took the time to really understand me and I felt genuinely listed to and cared about. She supported me in building a great new routine and helped me explore some strengths I didn’t know I had. I can highly recommend Gillian as a great personal coach”

“My coach Gillian was exceptional. As I did this in the middle of Covid, she was open to just talk, was extremely supportive and definitely instrumental in my success”

 “With Gillian’s guidance, I was able to gradually delve into different forms and resources of meditation, while her suggestions and advice helped me to get the most out of my practice. I’ve now come to realise the various ways in which meditation benefits me, which I would never have uncovered without Gillian’s support”


Why put it off any longer, book in for a consultation today, and begin to make longterm & consistent lifestyle changes to become a Better You Today

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