You’ve Taken the First Step!

Your Result: 22

Just for today, you are at a low level of readiness. Can you think why? What is holding you back?
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About Your Result

Awareness is key to making positive changes in your life, so well done you for taking that sometimes scary first step and completing the quiz. What did you learn from the exercise? What did you notice when answering the questions? Was it easy? Was it comfortable? Were you honest with yourself? 

You may look at your result and begin to judge yourself, or feel demotivated, well STOP because that is not going to get you closer to your goal. Think of it as your opportunity to become clear on what you don’t want to do, think or feel anymore, so that you get started on creating the lifestyle you desire and deserve. 

When coaching clients around behavioural change I use the Transtheoretical Model, it is a process of 6 stages and operates on the assumption that people do not change their behaviours quickly and decisively, rather change happens over time, through consistent and clear actions. It is successful because it is realistic. So whatever the lifestyle change you wish to make; diet, career, relationship, sleep, stress management, finances, or all the above. I got you! Are you ready for the next step?


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