I'm Gillian and....

I’m in recovery for negative thinking.”


I woke up every morning thinking and feeling like something was missing from my life. I was unaware that my mind was programmed to focus on what I lacked as opposed to feeling gratitude for what I had. Being trapped in a lack mind-set, meant I missed out on so many opportunities to experience joy and celebrate the successes in my life, therefore preventing me from achieving my true potential!

I have since learned that we have up to 70,000 thoughts a day, that’s an average of 3,000 thoughts per hour. I was completely unaware that each morning, I was having up to 3,000 unkind and negative thoughts about myself and my life, and this was before I even left my apartment!! Looking back, it’s no wonder I often felt sad, stressed and overwhelmed, which resulted in negative patterns repeating over and over in my life. I wasn’t thriving, I was surviving.

I have since developed tools to deepen my self-awareness and reframe my thinking. I have learned that our thoughts are creative, the more we THINK and BELIEVE a negative thought over and over, the more negative we feel, resulting in negative outcomes. So why do we do it? We are running negative programs in our subconscious mind, where 95% of our behaviours derive from. These programs can be running since childhood for example “I am not good enough” or “life is hard”.

Guess what?!? I have changed and you can too! This is where I come in as your coach. I am passionate about helping people to examine their thoughts and develop a toolkit to improve the longest relationship they will ever have i.e. the relationship they have with themselves!

Work with me and start to align your thoughts, feelings and actions to create positive results in all areas of your life.

So, Here’s My Story

I am a Life & Executive Coach, a Heath & Wellness Coach, a Wellness Workshop Facilitator, Wellness Advocate, Blogger and Speaker, and just so we are clear, I am also in recovery for negative thinking, living in a constant state of stress as well as being extremely hard on myself.

Having worked for almost 15 years at senior management level, I experienced first-hand the effect that chronic stress had on my wellbeing. In the past I was driven by what I perceived “success” to be, and my self-worth depended on achieving it. Looking back on this time, I had just turned 30, I was unemployed, recently single, broke and completely lost. I had found no sense of purpose to my life, therefore I believed that if I focused on my career and became successful, maybe just maybe I would begin to feel better about myself, after all this was something I could control by working hard.

I have since discovered that at that time I held a limiting belief “I must work hard to be successful” which led to 70 hour working weeks in organisations whose values did not align with mine. In hindsight knowing what I now know about chronic stress, it was no surprise that in 2014 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, Hashimotos, a stress disorder affecting my thyroid.

At that time in my life,  I believed that I was doing everything possible to manage my stress, however, in reality I had little to no coping strategies nor was I aware that I was waking up almost every single day in a negative mind-set, worrying about things that hadn’t happened and berating myself for things that did. As my personal life became more complicated my career was going from strength to strength, but at what cost? The good news is I changed and so can you!

In 2016 I decided to leave my full-time job and I qualified as Life & Executive Coach, a Health & Wellness Coach and Personal Development Workshop Facilitator. During this time, I reassessed my values and beliefs and began to establish boundaries around my time. I soon realised that it is my purpose to empower others to take back control of their wellbeing, one thought at a time.

I founded Innovative Wellness in late 2016 and have since rebranded to The Wellness Lounge in 2019. I offer One2One online coaching and bespoke wellness programs to cater to the specific and individual needs of my clients. I deliver Transformational Coaching Programs and facilitate workshops on meditation and the body-mind connection at seminars around Ireland. I am passionate about writing and love to share my strategies across all social media platforms whilst continuing my journey of recovery, healing and transformation.

Re-Frame Your
Negative Thoughts

Write down the problem.

Write down your thoughts about it.

Write down your feelings & emotions.

Create 4 alternative thoughts on the problem by changing the way you could look at it. i.e. what would you say to a friend going through a similar situation.

List evidence to support these alternative thoughts.

None of us were given a handbook as children guiding us how to “cope” or develop strategies to become more resilient, yet we can so quickly label ourselves as “weak” when feeling overwhelmed or anxious facing life’s unexpected challenges. Often we feel dis-empowered by our thoughts and our circumstances and begin to believe this is the way my life is supposed to be, this is all I deserve. In my role as a Wellness Coach I share strategies with my clients to empower them to navigate through the challenging times feeling more empowered and resilient. Re-framing thoughts in its basic form is developing a different interpretation of an event or experience by looking at it objectively thus supporting yourself to feel more empowered to cope or develop solutions to move out of a negative mindset.

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